Tuesday, March 10, 2009

St. Patty's Jingle Bracelets

The girls are going to a little St. Patrick's Day party this weekend and after thinking for a long time, they've decided to bring these for everyone:

We wanted to help out and bring an activity. Since the invitees are all under 2 (actually the majority are under 1), I had to think about something that little ones could do. Enter jingle bracelets. The kids can shake them or wear them on their wrists while we listen to a St. Patrick's Day song. The bells are supposed to form a 3-leaf clover.

What I learned during this project: glitter and jingle bells do not mix well. While the glitter is definitely cute, the glue got inside and effected the "jingle" of the bell...:( If you're careful, you can probably get it to work.


Parkinson Family said...

i love it! very cute idea!! Mackenzi loves jingle bells! we'll get hers to work!

Hayley and Dave said...

cute idea Kristen, I think we are going to steal this idea, we want to do some St. Patrick's Day activities and this looks like a good one.