Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Play Kitchen and Hutch

Santa barely finished the girls play kitchen and hutch in time for Christmas.

The hutch was a refinished cabinet my dad made me when I was little. The kitchen was brought you by my brother, Daren. I "helped" by doing a little nail gun work, marking and gluing, and assisting. I definitely couldn't have done it without him. I wanted to make it for around $50 and I think we came pretty close to that although I haven't calculated exact totals. I LOVE it! The hutch was about $10 for supplies.



Friday, December 11, 2009

Kids Aprons

Another item off the Christmas check-list. Hooray! Here are the aprons to go along with the girls Christmas surprise kitchen.

I made an adult pattern into a child's size with a pencil and parchment paper (I know, it's the only thin paper I have!). Then I just followed the regular instructions.

I made this pattern up. It has raw edges so it will get that frayed look.

Peg Dolls

Last night I finished painting Lucy and Charlotte's peg dolls. Don't worry, Lucy caught a glimpse of them this morning. I hurried and put them away and Lucy comes back and says, "Where are those dollies. You know, the ones that you painted?" I had to tell her I thought Santa came and got them. So much for surprises. She is such a snoop.
Here are a few pictures.

Thanks for lending the paint and brushes, Mom!