Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pettiskirt #1

So remember when I entered that contest for the pettiskirt? Well, I didn't win. Bummer for me, but I had already decided that I was going to make some for the girls either way. This one is for Charleston Chew and it turned out so cute. When I picked out the colors all I kept thinking about was Sunshine Generation. Do you remember that singing and dancing group? I always wanted to be in it. Anyway, now that the skirt is finished it keeps reminding me of a chick...perfect for my little chickie, Charley. Yellow seems to fit her.

Just so everyone knows, this skirt isn't as hard to make as it looks. In fact, it was a lot of fun although it was time consuming because there are a lot of ruffles to sew. I used the instructions from Martha Stewart and the tips from the Grosgrain blog. I know Miss L's will go even faster now that I've done one. Shhh! They are for her birthday party in April.

*I got the fabric here for $1.52 a yard...but shipping was $10.00. I need to look around because I'm sure they have this at fabric stores. I'm wondering if it goes by a different name because it's more like tricot then chiffon...I'll stay on the lookout.


The Littlefields said...

Every time I look at this blog and your family blog... I think "how in the world do you have time to do all of this stuff?" I wish that I was your daughter so I got all this cool stuff... do want to adopt Abby for birthdays and holidays? :)

Parkinson Family said...

oh so cute! i'll have to look at the directions to see if the sewing is equal to my ability. I love the yellow for summer! Beautiful.

adventure knitter said...

that's amazing! where did you get the fabric??

Hayley and Dave said...

it is so cute Kristen and when you said sunshine generation I started to laugh!

Carrie said...

Kristen! It's adorable!! Wow - talk about a lot of gathering!!!

BTW - I LOVE your blog. I will definitely have to post something on my blog about you so that my girls and everyone else to come visit :o)

Thanks for sharing.

Maren said...

How cute. I had looked at that fabric and saw the shipping was expensive too. I'll keep my eyes open for the fabric in stores too. I can't wait to see Lucy's. Ask Brig about Sunshine Generation.