Monday, March 30, 2009

Grandma's Granola

Since we're moving soon, I've been trying to use some of our food storage. Today I decided to make use of our oatmeal supply. Missy L & C and I made my Grandma Heaton's Granola recipe. It is so good which is bad because that means I've already had my fair share of granola for the week (and I have no plans of halting my intake). It's a perfectly sweet, crunchy granola - good for snacking and enjoying with milk, yogurt or fruit. Keep in mind it makes a lot. I had to use 3 jellyroll pans to bake it all and ended up with 2 gallon-sized storage bags full (approx 16-18 cups).

Granny Esther's Granola

8 C rolled oats
3 C wheat flakes (brand name: Zoom, find it on the hot cereal aisle)
2 C wheat germ (also found by the hot cereal)
2 C coconut
1 C nuts
1 ¼ C brown sugar
½ C honey
1 C oil (I added about a 1/4 cup less)
1 C water
1 T vanilla
2 t salt
(optional) craisins or your favorite dried fruit.

Combine all dry ingredients and mix. Add liquid ingredients. Mix again until everything is evenly coated. Add nuts. Spread on jelly roll pan and bake at 225 F for 1 ½ hours until golden brown (I use a Sil-pat or parchment paper to keep my pans clean). Stir occasionally (about every 30 minutes). Add in dried fruit when cooled.


Hayley said...

mmmm, that does sound yummy! I love grandma's granola!

Carrie said...

I am definitely going to try this! Thanks for sharing :o) I feel like a part of the family now!