Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March Mad Scientist Week: Water Play

Little Miss L enjoyed the water play activities and was soaked by the end. I began filling an empty gallon milk jug with her which she then tried to lift. The point: to show that water is heavy. She agreed, it was heavy. Then we walked around collecting various items to find out if they would sink or float. We filled up the tub, I had my laminated sink/float chart and we began the experiment. I would ask Will it sink or float? Missy answered "float" 100% of the time :) She loved throwing everything into the tub while I recored our data. When we finished, I gave her some kitchen equipment and put some soap in the water and she just played and stirred up bubbles.


Ginnie said...

Cute ideas! Do you have any April Fool's Day ideas? I'm in charge of the kids at nursery during Institute next Wed. and wanted to do something fun. But what I've found online seems a little too old for most of the kids. I'm SURE you have some ideas... hint hint! :)

Kristen said...

Oh, boy...I'll have to come up with some ideas. I know it's coming up, but I haven't done any real thinking about it yet. I'll see what I can come up with.