Friday, March 6, 2009

Preschool Week 6

Theme: Rainbows
Color: Red
Letter: F
Number: 6

This week was by far my worst organized but also one with some of the most fun activities. I'm getting more into the swing of things and my creative juices are beginning to flow more freely (especially with the help of Jean Warren's site Preschool Express...she has great ideas). This week, I numbered the pictures to explain more about what we did.
*I hope to put my lesson plans into PDFs and post them here, too, but I wanted to edit them a little bit more so they make sense to others. We'll see what I get time for.

1. A fun matching/counting game with clothespins. We counted each clothespin as we put them on the correct color.
2. Shaking the bag of rice to get it coated with color.
3. Our week 6 learning board.
4. A homemade "rainbow" marker aka all the markers taped together.
5. Fingerprint Fs.
6. A red collage.
7. Our red Cat in the Hat hat in celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday (I saw this idea here).
8. Sponge painting our hat.
9. "Fairy Dust" to sprinkle on the table and trace letter Fs.
10. The Rice Rainbow.
11. 6-pointed snowflake. We we cut, I put my had through the scissors and Lucy squeezes my hand. She is a very detailed cutter :)
12. Rainbow paper plate shaker.
13. Making Fs (or maybe just lines and circles:) in the fairy dust.
14. Painting a Fish with watercolors.
15. Making 6's with spaghetti. This was actually much harder than I suspected, but Lucy still found success as she put a piece of spaghetti in a straight line, looked at me and said "a one!" One's would be much easier to do. Another perk to this activity...Lucy ate all the noodles when we were done..."so nummy".
16. Making the rice rainbow.
17. 6 ponytails for "6" day.
18. Making the red collage.
19. Flying like a Fairy to the Nutcracker Suite.
One of my favorite books this week was this:

Isn't it cute? It reminded me of when I was little and Lucy really enjoyed it. I need to check to see if they are still making these.


Clark and Liesel said...

Kristen you are so amazing! I love to read about all the fun things you guys do! So, do you do a few activities each day that week? I bet she looks forward to pre-school time!

Kristen said...

Each day we do focus on a different 1 - the theme, day 2 - the shape/color, day 3 - the letter, day 4 - the number. I take Friday off. I may modify it more later, but this has been an easier start.