Thursday, March 19, 2009

Made From Scratch

I've debated whether or not to post a review for this book because as Randy Jackson would say, "It was just okay for me, dawg", but since I read it I thought I'd at least share a few thoughts.

The book is written by a "city" girl who takes a job in Idaho and while there she decides she wants to return to a simpler life. She shares her stories and pointers on raising chickens, angora rabbits, and bees; training a dog sled team; growing a garden; sewing clothes, cooking bread and other foods, etc. Basically she raves about the joys of farm living. There are some fun ideas and it almost inspired me to get bees or chickens if I had a place to put them.

Really the book wasn't bad but since I consider myself a country girl at heart, some of these "revolutionary" ideas that she had discovered herself have always been a part of my family, so I had to chuckle occassionally as I read. It isn't hard to read and she lists many good resources if you're interested in any of the subjects listed above.

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