Monday, March 23, 2009

Get in on the fun this week...

I haven't been motivated in the preschool area but today I came up with a fun idea that I'm excited about and I just wanted to let anyone who reads this blog know about it. That way if you want, you can get in on the fun since the name won't work next week...
It's MARCH MAD...SCIENTIST WEEK at our house!
Everyday we are going to have fun doing a different science experiment(s).
Here's my tentative plan:
-Monday: Nature Hike and collection
-Tuesday: Float/Sink Water Play
-Wednesday: Plants...Celery food coloring experiment(you have to start this a couple days before)
-Thursday: Kitchen Science
-Friday: the Zoo..Animals
Let me know if you do it, too. I'd love to see pictures and ideas!


Carrie said...

I gave you an award. Check out my blog ;o)

Parkinson Family said...

Mackenzi and I want to go to the zoo on Friday with you! Well...if you're going to the Baltimore Zoo...I'm not brave enough to drive to D.C. I just bought a FONZ pass! I'm so excited.

Maren said...

Laurel would love for me to do this. She loves science experiments. Maybe we'll get one or two in this week too. We'll let you know. Thanks for the ideas.

Erika said...

This isn't science related...but I love your ideas. In my class, we have a March Madness Reading competition. (I got the idea from Seminary...where we read the entire BofM in March.) Instead I have my students read twice as long each night with check-off points for every certain amount of minutes, etc.

Just another idea for you for March.

Kristen said...

That's a great idea, would be a good idea for me - read 10 minutes instead of 5! Ha, ha, I'm actually trying to read much more than in the past. Lucy loves to read, so she would love it.