Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sewing Books

This past week I got two great sewing books from the library.
Beginning to Intermediate sewers. 
I like this book because it encourages everyone to sew and emphasizes trying and "bending the rules". It also has all of the basic information you would need to sew most projects (terms, techniques, etc). 
Includes many projects and instructions.
If you have a bit of sewing experience, nothing will be "new" information for you, but it has good instructions and is good to remember techniques.

This one says beginning to intermediate sewers as well, but it doesn't give the basic sewing information like the other book (at least not at the beginning. I believe there are instructions throughout for some things), so I would suggest having another instruction book if you're not familiar with sewing. However, the patterns are cuter and the instructions are great. There is a pocket in the front with patterns. She does have a section on selecting and caring for fabrics - especially vintage fabrics. I love Amy Butler fabrics so I thought this book/photos were nicely done.

All this said, I have yet to make a project from either book...I didn't think it would be a good idea to start more things when we're supposed to be moving in a matter of weeks.


Maren said...

Good idea, Kristen. Although, it wouldn't suprise me if you did whip something up in the next few weeks. You are so talented.

Hayley and Dave said...

Well I may need those books to improve my sewing skills