Saturday, April 11, 2009

Natural Easter Egg Dyes

This year I decided I wanted to dye our eggs using all natural dyes. I'd write down all the instructions so that you can try it sometime, but why do it when Martha already has? Check it out here. We tried spinach (unsuccessful), beets, curry, red cabbage, and onion skins. My favorite were the onion skin dyed eggs. They had a beautiful yellow and brown pattern. The curry produced a light yellow egg, the beets a pale pink, and the cabbage made a blue egg. I left a few overnight and the colors intensified. The blue was awesome. It was a fun experiment and leaves you with a very healthy dinner afterwards.


Clark and Liesel said...

Thats a great idea! We might have to try that out next year!

grandma said...

I think the natural dyes turned out terrific. The blue is amazing.

adrienne and ryan said...

Oooh your egg colors were way more intense than my silk dyed colors. We'll have to try that some time.