Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Puppet Tree

My husband made this fantastic puppet tree so we have a place to hang our new stash of puppets. He used wooden balls from the craft store, two 1/2 inch dowels, a square post and topper from the fencing department at Home Depot, and a scrap piece of wood for the base. It totaled under $10! We were going to paint it, but that's still up for debate. For now, enjoy!


adrienne and ryan said...

He's crafty! Cael loves his puppet btw. They are such great gifts for kids.

Sarah & Layne said...

I love it!!! We just got a bunch of puppets for the kids - this would be great for them! I've been thinking about making the theater too - I love that you can roll it up and hide it away. I LOVE all of your ideas - keep them coming!