Friday, September 18, 2009

BYU gear

Just in time for the game tomorrow. I probably should have been cleaning instead...oh well!

I know I'm way behind the crafting scene on these two things:
appliqued shirts and korker bows.
Believe it or not this was my first time making either
(and why did I ever buy those bows from Gymboree? These are so easy to make and much cuter).


Erika said...

So cute! Your girls will look great.

grandma said...

The shirts are great and so are the bows. Tell me how you made them. Wish you could have helped the team win.

Clark and Liesel said...

Glad you made some Korker bows! I still need to make Maybree a navy one. I agree...they are so fun to make!

Carrie said...

You are just too clever for your own good you know! It will one day catch up to you.... everyone will be clammering to be your friend (if they aren't already!) so that you will add them to your Christmas list. (BTW - am I on your Christmas list??!)