Monday, February 7, 2011

Love Quote Love Notes

Sweetheart's Week starts tomorrow!
As you know, I'm doing a game theme.
Here's my easy plan for my sweetheart, Brigham.

*A handwritten love note 
with favorite quotes about love that I found.
*A "game type" treat.
*A game to play together each night
...I'm just using games we already have.

You can use my Love Quote Love Note papers if you want. They aren't spectacular, but they work.
*I printed mine 2 per page so they aren't so big.


Holly said...

Thanks for the fun ideas! I'm all set for Sweethearts week. I even made a cute little owl and wrote the clues for the Guess Who Loves you game (we'll play that for Family Home Evening next week.) Thanks again, you've really made Valentine's Day fun at our house!

grandma said...

Kristen, what wonderful Sweetheart week ideas. I miss doing sweetheart week.