Friday, September 10, 2010

Western/Cowboy preschool printables

Here are a few western printables for preschool next week.

Cactus Poem - print, cut out, laminate and put cactus on tongue depressors

Dress the Cowboy activity

I don't know why my pictures keep "breaking". If you know, let me know. 


skinners said...

thank you for sharing these! my oldest is in a parent run preschool co-op and i am going to use some of your ideas on money and might switch one of my weeks to western/cowboy! thanks again!

Allison said...

I found your blog from pinterest... Thanks for your cute cowboy matchup. I just used those for my little preschool group this morning. Today was Y is for Yee-haw and we did cowboy themed activities. I pinned this page on my own too. Thanks!

Unknown said...

These are great! Thanks for sharing! We are doing a western theme for back-to-school and these are perfect activities. Thanks!