Friday, September 24, 2010

Cowboy and Cowgirl Party

This weekend we had a combined birthday party for Brigham and Charlotte. It was a lot of fun to plan and get ready for, but it was a lot of work (and my last dinner birthday party:).

For Brigham's birthday, my theme was "Pardners". I made a craft paper banner printed with the word "PARDNERS" on it. One pennant said "Through the..." and the other pennants had opposites like "ups and downs", "rich and poor". I gave Brigham a small gift that represented each of the ways we are "pardners".

Here are a few pictures of the "treat table" and banners. Those treat tables are so cute and popular right now, but after this party it made me wonder how many people in the world spend the weeks after the party eating all the candy that looked so cute but didn't get eaten. I'm getting a major head start on Halloween and the holiday sweet season.


Hayley and Dave said...

we loved the party, you did a awesome job!

monkeyDluffy said...

You did an absolutely AMAZING job with this party! I am sure your son (and everyone that attended) had a incredibly terrific time!
Your attention to detail and fun little touches just made this party spectacular! Thanks so much for sharing your story and your photos...I LOVE them!

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