Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Couple Other Fancy Party Details

Lucy's party came and went. Here are some of the small details Fancy Nancy style.
Some simple table decorations complete with plumes and azure butterflies.

Lunch at the "King's Crown"...I thought Crown Burger was pretty close.
Parfaits for dessert
A game of "Pin the Accessory on the Lucy"
Paper dress up dolls:
An ice cream sundae inspired cake (please be kind, cake decorating is not my forte...I have resolved to take a class:)
And some thank you gifts.
And Ring Pops
Happy 3rd Year Lucy!


Clark and Liesel said...

Love it all! Looks like it was a huge success! And I think your cake is awesome! It looks like real ice cream scoops. You are such a fun mom! Happy birthday Lucy! You are such a cutie!

Andrew and Candice Heaton said...

the cake is fantastic and the party looks so cute

Tiffany said...

If those are your SIMPLE table decorations, I'd hate to see the ones that aren't!! The cake looks amazing, and the bracelets are so cute. Looks like a fun birthday. I can't believe she's 3. Happy Birthday Lucy! And good luck with baby #3 coming so soon.

grandma said...

Everything looks perfect. I don't know how you do so many creative things.

Necia said...

Simply AMAZING!!!!