Monday, February 1, 2010

Cowboy Chaps

Last week when I was visiting my mom, we made a couple pairs of these cowboy chaps. My mom had made some for my brothers when they were younger, so we used the old pair as a pattern. They were really easy to make (but they were a little bit time consuming). All you need is 1 yard of medium weight vinyl (This will make 2 pairs: size 3-4), two snaps, and old belt buckle, 1/2 of a leather shoe lace and thread. I figured we made each pair for under 5 dollars. Not bad. Aren't they cute? I haven't had anyone model them yet, because I may be using them for a birthday. 
I also added a little fringe to the back of mine:


Clark and Liesel said...

What will you come up with next?! So cute!

Hayley and Dave said...

Great, I knew I should have posted mine sooner! Yours are always much cuter!:) Oh well I'll just have to do mine later.:)

Maren said...

Cute!!!! I love them!