Saturday, October 1, 2011

Covered Fold Out Bench Sandbox

My 2nd girl just turned 3. At the beginning of August, I knew we needed to get her a sandbox. She loves to play outside in the dirt and will do it for hours. Brigham got researching and found a sandbox with a cover that folded out into benches. He knew he could make it and he did. It turned out great. I had no idea these sandboxes would be so popular by the time we gave it to her, but according to Pinterest, they are. Brig didn't have a pattern, but just knocked it off from a photo. 
It really is a fun sandbox. Maybe I can get him into making tutorials and then all of you can have one, too.

Here are some pictures.
 One side open:
 Both sides open:
Here are the girls enjoying it before the benches were done.


Maren said...


Sheryl said...

That is a great idea!

James and Amy said...

What an awesome idea! I love it!

Parkinson Family said...

That is so awesome! Love the cover and benches - best I've seen! I don't think I can trust a sandbox in Texas though with so many bugs.Guess we'll just have to move to UT. :) I'm sure ur girls are loving it!

Sathya said...

Really awesome. Thank you for sharing.

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