Sunday, June 26, 2011

Matchbox City

I have been working on this project for a LONG time. In our family it is know as a Matchbox City. I remember playing with one as a child. My mom made it for us. It is a car play mat specifically to use with Matchbox cars. They are small enough to fit inside the doors of the houses/buildings. I added an airport, an extra house, and an orchard because my piece of fabric was a little bit bigger than my mom's. I thought about labeling the buildings but then decided it would be more fun to pretend they are whatever you want them to be. I wish I had a tutorial for all of you, but I still barely have time to finish my projects while the girls are sleeping.
See how fun. Little houses for the cars.


Barbara said...

Ok so I have just spent hours of my life on your blog...I teach Kindergarten and so many of your wonderful lessons will be very helpful to me next year. I think you are very creative and please say you will continue blogging.
It was really funny when I started the "stalking" of your blog I notice that your last entry was May 7..(fun because 2 of my children were born that day) It made me sad that you hadn't blogged since then and when I refreshed just now new posts popped up...It put a smile back on my face!!
I guess it must be late and I should sleep...but know that I will come back and so your mom and sister (as you quoted as the only readers) are adding me to the list.
THanks for your hard work being a great mom!
Fondly, Barbara

Kristen said...

Thanks, Barbara!

Parkinson Family said...

Super darling and much cuter than store bought ones available! Love the fabrics. Oh course your creative tough is amazing Kristen! Maybe it will be a good Christmas project to make for the girls so Jared will stop threatening to sell my sewing machine :)

Bloom Family said...

Now that is a car mat! So cute! What a good idea!