Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Homemade Christmas Gifts

This year I didn't have many plans for making Christmas gifts, but I really wanted to do something. Thanks to a suggestion from my friend, Stephanie. I bought the book, Wee Wonderfuls, and LOVED it. 
I picked out three projects - one that I thought would fit each of my girls - and got sewing. 
I was happy to find that they weren't too much work. I finished in about 4 days and I was just sewing at naps and night time. I varied the patterns a little bit to my own liking and I think they turned out great for my first doll making projects.

CK's ribbon haired doll:
 L's topsy turvey doll (she was the most time intensive because of a lot of hand sewing):
 And C's Ellie bag (I added a ribbon bow to the back):
By far my favorite gifts to give the girls....and they actually like them.
Oh! and the best part, I just used extra fabric/supplies I already had so they were priced just right.


Clark and Liesel said...

Cute! You always give such thoughtful gifts to your girls.

adventure knitter said...

Those turned out awesome! So cute! Because Evan got sick, I wasn't able to finish my projects from Wee Wonderfuls. I finished my mermaiden...and maybe I'll give that to Mia for her b-day...and then just make the others whenever and give them to the others "just because".

Holly said...

These are all so cute! I need little girls to sew for. My Christmas projects included sewing a felt space shuttle. :)

Hayley and Dave said...

they turned out super cute Kristen!

grandma said...

Wonderful projects I love them. You girls are so creative. Wow!