Sunday, August 2, 2009

Travel Ideas: Ready for Testing

The following items/ideas are untested. When we get back from our trip, I'll update on their effectiveness - if any is to be reported.

Lucy's Plane Pack
In the pencil holder:
*markers...yes, crayons are safer...maybe I'll switch
*white board marker
*glue stick (if it makes it through security)
*kids scissors (4" blade is approved, we'll see)
*pipe cleaners

In the binder:
Laminated I-Spy
Laminated hidden picture (use dry erase-low odor, we hope:)
Activities to go with stories.
Cut and paste printed on sticker paper.
Finger puppets.
Watercolor pencil sheets:
Also included in folder: extra paper, coloring book pages.

Charlottes Plane Pack
This one was hard (she's only10 months)
*popcicle sticks
*clothes pin
*big pom poms
*googly eyes
*pipe cleaners
In her folder:
Textured papers.
Small Scarf, magazine (to rip up), nesting/stacking/balls all in one
These story cards that have little plastic animals you can touch on each card as you read the story.
To keep them together I hole punched the stack and used a binder ring.
Some small surprises to open along the way.
And of course, lots of snacks. I tried to keep them fairly sugar free as I don't want to add to the "stuck on an airplane for 16+ hours" effect.

Wish us luck!


Clark and Liesel said...

Wow! Looks like you thought of everything!!! You are so good. Hope it goes well!

Maren said...

Good Luck Kristen, you look prepared.

Carrie said...

You are so good! I will be waiting to hear about the results! Where did you go?

Necia said...

Good Luck! Continue to marvel at your creativity :)!

grandma said...

hope these ideas work. you are amazing as usual.